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Pure Herbs, UR-W, 120 ml

Pure Herbs

Symptoms :
Internal haemorrhage (bleeding from unnatural origin), Repair and clean blood vessels, Water retention (edema), Bloating, gas and flatulence, Uric acid, Urinary antiseptic, Bladder and kidney stones, Cystitis (Bladder infection), Kidney pain, Bedwetting, Urinary incontinence, Urinary infection, Urinary inflammation, Urinary irritation ,Nephritis (inflammation of the kidney), Edema, Kidney problems, Urinary problems, Tonic for the kidney, Urethritis, Bladder, Inflammation of the feminine reproductive system, Inflammation of the masculine reproductive system, Leucorrhea, Venereal diseases, Genitourinary disorders, Prostate, Feminine reproductive system, Masculine reproductive system, Gout, Potassium, Vitamin K, Zinc

120 ml