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Believe, Estrogen+Balance, Supports Healthy Estrogen Levels, 60 Capsules

Hormonal imbalances in the body can have numerous negative drawbacks on our health. Our body is constantly exposed to damaging external estrogen-spiking sources such as PBAs in plastic containers, in pesticides and herbicides or in hormones used in meat transformation. This allows the excess build-up of estrogen in the body that may lead to health issues, mood irregularity, inflammation, an increase in body fat as well as an increase of water retention. Believe Estrogen Balance aims to neutralize the levels of excess estrogen by allowing your body to naturally rid of the overflow of hormones. It contains natural ingredients known to reduce harmful estrogen levels and restore your body to normal hormonal homeostasis.

Features & Benefits:
Natural Curcuma to reduce inflammation
Contains DIM for healthy estrogen metabolism
Decreases puffiness and bloating
Reduces excess fat storage due to hormone disruption
Reduces the effects of PMS
Increases energy & libido levels
60 Vegan Capsules